Sunday, December 15, 2013

Menu for the week

I find it much easier to make sure we don't get "stuck" when I plan my menus for the week. Do you plan? If you do, feel free to link up your plan to mine, if you have it online somewhere!

Breakfasts: oatmeal with milk and cinnamon sugar or muffins from the freezer, clementines (cuz we still have a whole lot of them)

Lunches: whatever I manage - soups, sandwiches, cut veggies with dips...
Snacks: fruits, muffins, popcorn...

Sunday: Leftovers from Shabbat (embellished with something, since we basically have lots of black bean cholent and potato kugel left - maybe I'll make some sort of vegetable patty to go with it?)

Monday: Split pea soup, stuffed baked potatoes, salad

Tuesday: Tomato soup, cheesy rice and green vegetable casserole, spicy roasted carrots

Wednesday: Split pea soup, Pita pizzas, avocado

Thursday: any leftovers, or I will have to pull something out of the freezer

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