Sunday, December 29, 2013

Meal Planning (for the week)

This week I'm doing very minimal shopping - my freezer is pretty full, and there's no reason not to use up some of what I've stockpiled.

This is NOT a pantry challenge, so I will buy some things besides milk, but I don't plan to do a large amount of shopping...

Sunday: lunch: spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese, carrots and peppers with chumus for dipping
Supper: Mushroom-barley soup, fresh rolls, tomato, red pepper, and avocado salad

Monday: lunch: corn bread, lentil patties with sweet and sour sauce (from the freezer), southern fried cabbage
Supper: whatever soup I find in the freezer, rice and eggplant casserole (from the freezer), kohlrabi and carrots with chumus

Tuesday: lunch: leftover soup, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tomato, red peppers, and kohlrabi
Supper: Red lentil soup, stir-fried vegetables with rice, ??

Wednesday: lunch: whatever is left from the week
supper: homemade pizza, salad, oven-fries

Thursday: lunch: sandwiches, carrots and chumus
supper: Red lentil soup and ???


  1. How many people do you have eating lunch at home every day?

    1. 5 of us eat lunch at home every day and I send sandwiches and various other things with my husband to work.


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