Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shopping Online with free Worldwide Shipping

Have any of you ever shopped at StrawberryNet?

Haven't heard of it?

They sell all sorts of brand name cosmetics and skin care products, which retail here in Israel for a minor fortune.

StrawberryNet sells them for less than the local retail price. And offers free shipping worldwide.

Haven't tried it yet? Try it now and get an extra 5% Off + Free Gift for New Customers at StrawberryNET!

I'm really not a big cosmetics buyer, but I'd love to hear feedback from real people - are these prices better than what you've found here in Israel?

Please let me know what you found worth buying from them!

Also, don't forget to check out my list of sites with free/low cost shipping to Israel if you're planning to do some shopping!


  1. Well I just looked up something which retails for $22.50 AND Strawberry.net wants 38! So you should just be careful that you are really getting a good deal.

    1. For sure! Just out of curiosity, in what country does that product retail for $22.50? I'm curious if you're comparing US prices or Israeli prices. I'd love to know if this website offers good deals for Israelis! (where certain products sell for 2-4 times as much as they sell for in the US)


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