Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Current Sales

I was looking thru sales ads and just wanted to share some good grocery deals I noticed.

Yesh: whole chickens are 9.99/kg thru Thursday, max 3 kg per order, with a 75 shekel purchase in the store. Cabbage, beets, carrots and onions are 1.99/kg thru Thursday, max 6 kg, with a 75 shekel purchase in the store. They also have toilet paper, 32-roll pack, for 19.99, valid thru July 1.

MegaBool: Eggplant, carrots, potatoes, for 2.99/kg, plums, nectarines, and granny smith apples, for 7.99/kg, valid thur July 1, with a 1 shekel purchase from the store's other items. Limit 5 kg per item.

Shufersal Deal: their best sales vary by region, but they have a lot of items for 5 shekels right now. I noticed that they have 6-packs of granola bars for 5 shekels! Other 5 shekel items that caught my eye: gnocchi, couscous, rice, Heinz ketchup, pasta sauce, baby corn, wissotsky tea, aloe vera gel, Colgate toothbrushes, 150 pack paper napkins, and more!
Don't forget to print your cereal coupon, too!

That's all I had time to look through for now, please share the deals you've noticed!

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