Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cheap Chicken

Everyone seems to be talking about how chicken seems pricier than usual right now...

Well, just in the nick of time, Mega Bool is offering fresh, whole chickens for 9.99/kg!
Minimum purchase requirement of 100 shekels to get this sale, and max of 4 kg of sale chicken per purchase. (thru the 10th)

(You card holders only - but it's free to sign up for a You card, so go ahead!)

Other sales at Mega: Ground beef (from frozen beef) 2kg/55 shekels (thru the 10th)

Produce for 2.99: lettuce, eggplants, melon, red onions, potatoes, corn, light green peppers (thru the 10th)

They also have cherries for 2 containers for 30 shekels, but I do not know how large the containers are! (thru the 7th)

Happy deal-hunting! Let me know if you find a great deal somewhere!

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  1. Thanks for that - I will wait until tomorrow and get the extra 10 % off as well


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