Friday, June 21, 2013

Shabbat Menu

We are now about 5 weeks away from moving.

Seriously, we MUST use up the food in the house. We have been doing random pantry-challenge type meals this week, but I don't really want Shabbat to feel like a pantry challenge!

BUT we also had a broken sink for the last couple of days (it was just fixed at 2:30 pm on Friday!), and we went on a tiyul on Friday as well.

So here's our plan for Shabbat, we'll use up some of the food from the freezer but we'll still have some freshly made food!

Challot from the freezer
Soup from the freezer (I think the container says split pea soup)
Roast chicken (bought some sale chickens at Yesh, we'll use the last of the freezer stash another week)
Roasted vegetables - we have potatoes, kishuim, and beets. They'll each get roasted in their own pan.
Bulgur with mushrooms (baked, too)

Cut vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots

Watermelon for dessert!

What are you making? Are you also moving this summer? I know so many people end up moving in the summer!


  1. We're also having roast potatoes and watermelon for dessert. Apart from that it may just be tuna sandwiches unless I get up an make something NOW.

  2. my husband grilled bakala (cod) with lemon, olive oil and herbs--I picked rosemary from the bushes near our beit knesset and my husband took thyme and azov (the zaatar herb) from my s-i-l's garden. We also have "orange" soup and crunchy wings made with matza meal still left over from Pessach :)


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