Monday, September 3, 2012

Printable Coupons (Israel)!

Superpharm has a TON of new printable coupons up on their site!

Just be aware, you MUST use their "print" button. Don't just print out the page, or they won't have a valid barcode on them.

These coupons include:

1.25 kg bag of "Sunday" laundry detergent for 4.99

8 pack of "Life" paper towels for 8.99

500 ml spray bottle of "Vanish" stain remover for 8.99

"Sanobon" toilet cleaner for 8.99

750 ml bottle of "Ajax" window cleaner for 8.99

3-pack "Life" liquid hand soap for 8.99

725 ml bottle of "Vaseline" moisturizing lotion for 16.99

3-pack "Colgate" toothbrushes for 14.99

"Old Spice" body spray for 9.99

"Pedilady" for 139.99

8 pack Duracell AA/AAA batteries for 9.99

375 g "Life" granola for 9.99

400g "Osem" soup nuts (shkidei marak) for 7.99

9-pack "Beigel Beigel" pretzel snack bags for 7.99

"Hellman's" salad dressings for 8.99

"Patit" crispbread for 11.99

"Olivia" chicken marinades for 7.99

5-pack "Life" baby wipes for 14.99

"Life" baby cereal for 7.99

750 ml bottle "Life" baby wash for 6.99

"Hab'chira Ha'organit" baby food jars, buy 1 get 1 free


Check them out! You just may save big on something you've been planning to buy!

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