Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smoked Salmon Recall (Israel)

This recall involves smoked salmon, sold frozen, by Neto under the name brand name "Sterling".

The smoked salmon in question may be contaminated by Listeria, and should not be consumed.

Check your freezer for the following:

100 g packages, barcode 7290003821754

200 g packages barcode 7290003821761

the recall ONLY involves those products with a production date of 31.7.2012, and an expiration date of 28.2.2013

If you have these products, please call the manufacturer at 1-800-50-40-50 for instructions.


  1. That's scary! I just bought non-frozen today.

  2. check the dates anyway... you never know, maybe the shop defrosted it?!

  3. anyone know if regular salmon (Frozen) is a problem?

    1. Chaya,
      the recall only affects the items mentioned above. I linked directly to the recall, if you want to read it yourself...

      I wouldn't worry about any other product. I assume you'll be cooking that frozen salmon!



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