Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shabbat Menu planning

I can't believe it's time to cook for Shabbat again! This week flew. Really. I don't know where it went...

So, taking stock of my pantry, fridge and freezer, here's my Shabbat menu:

Challot from the freezer

Soup - not sure yet what kind

Teriyaki/Honey Chicken

Rice (finishing off the rice in the house. oops, I hate having no rice left!)

Roasted Pumpkin with maple syrup (just a drop of maple syrup, really!)

Roasted Potatoes (I wanted to make potato kugel but I still haven't replaced my food processor!)

Make your own salad

Black Bean Cholent for lunch

Banana muffins

Chocolate chip cookies

And that is all I am cooking!

Ok, now I will be up all night. But the house is clean, so tomorrow can be a FUN Friday!

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. Looking good. Btw - it doesn't take so long to grate the potatoes for kugel - I do it because my processor came with only Hebrew instructions and I never worked out how to use the grater attachment.

    1. Oh no, I don't even have a hand grater. At least not that I can find! But seriously - figure out how to use the grater on your food processor. It will change your life!
      When I make potato kugel, I use about 3-5 kg. That's a lot of potatoes to grate by hand, so I'll be looking for a food processor. Maybe that should be part of tomorrow's "fun"?! hummm...

    2. What type of pumpkins do you use - please share recipe.

    3. I got the 5 shekel/kg "dalaat" from eden teva. it looks like it has a lighter shell than a traditional pumpkin, but i wouldn't know what to call it other than pumpkin! I just simply cut it into cubes, tossed with a drop of olive oil so they won't stick to my pan, then drizzled on a bit of maple syrup. It's in the oven now at 200 C and will cook it for 45 min or more...


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