Monday, September 24, 2012

Post Fast Menu

I haven't figured out my pre-fast menu, but I am going to share my post-fast menu, since I already planned that one!

Fruit Salad (using whatever fruits I have in the house - mostly apples and plums, that we managed to find for under 5 NIS/kg. So many fruit prices have skyrocketed lately, and the quality is questionable too, so we've had to skimp a bit on fruit, sadly. We love fruit. Hopefully there is something else here to jazz this up. Maybe I'll hide away that last cluster of grapes I just spotted!)

Homemade Whole Wheat Sesame Bagels, with cream cheese (well, shamenet with the whey drained off. Is that cream cheese?), tomatoes, cucumbers...

Split Pea Soup (? I hope. The store had NO carrots or celery, and I ALWAYS put carrots and celery in my split pea soup. Maybe I can find a substitute?)

Honey Cake, of course! (I have one in the freezer for this occasion)

Now, to plan the pre-fast meal...

I'm open to ideas!

What are you making for Pre- and Post-Yom Kippur?

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