Sunday, February 26, 2012

Printable Coupon! (Israel)

Today, Mega put out a coupon for grape juice, for 11.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Their regular price is 12.90 - I know, because I am looking around for a better deal. So this week, you can get one for a bit less. I still think it's not an awesome price, but if that's the best you can find, go for it!
I know we are just now running out of all the grape juice we stocked up on before Rosh Hashana, for 8 or 9NIS/bottle... Trying to match that price again... Wish me luck!

Click here for the coupon!

Expires 3.3.2012


  1. Last week, I bought 1l "Karmei Shai" grape juice in Mega for 10 shekel. We had it on Shabbat, and it was quite good. I'm going back this week to see if they have more of it at the same price.

  2. THAT's a better deal! Thanks newshiny! I will have to check if my mega has that one...


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