Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Online Shopping

I just spent $34.83 ordering some things online (that includes shipping charges). And I'm agonizing about whether it was a smart purchase or not! $34.83 is 130.27NIS
I ordered from two websites, iHerb.com and Vitacost.com, (for Vitacost, I started my purchase at Big Crumbs, but I don't expect much of a rebate. Total amount of my purchase, after coupons, and before shipping was only about $3. Check out Ebates if you want rebates on Vitacost purchases, since Big Crumbs is now defunct.) I managed to get very close to the maximum allowed size for each site, 3 lbs for Vitacost (my order weighed 2.98 lbs) and 4 lbs for iHerb (my order weighed 3.98 lbs). What on earth weighs only 0.02 lbs that could have been added? Total shipping charges were $16.99, almost half the total amount I spent (although I must disclose that had I not had Vitacost credit coupon, my purchase would have cost an additional $20).

Did I get my money's worth?
To be honest, I have no idea. Some of the things I ordered are really not available in this country...

Here's what I got

Eco-friendly dishwasher tablets (20 pack) comparable to a product (different brand) at the health food store for about 35 NIS

Tom's of Maine Cinnamon Clove toothpaste, not available here as far as I can tell (we need a new, unopened one for Pesach!)

Tom's of Maine Baking Soda Mouthwash (haven't seen this here, have you?) (also for Pesach!)

Herbal Tea (I got the peach flavor) - oddly it is cheaper to order tea from the States than to buy Wissotsky fruit teas here. And we drive past the Wissotsky production plant all the time. Talk about a local product...

Dried blueberries - MAJOR splurge, but I really wanted them.
Organic Milk chocolate bar (Splurge, again. but it was almost the exact weight i needed to fill up my box!)

Baking cups - unbleached, natural silicone coated, in 2 sizes. I have been baking a lot of muffins lately and while these are not necessary, the do make it so much easier!

Jason Tea Tree Shampoo (haven't seen this here. I have seen similar products in bottles half the size for about 40 NIS)

1 bag organic whole wheat pastry flour - 1.5 lbs (I have always used this for my hamentashen. And I really wanted to make them this year!)

Free samples: toothpaste, lip balm

So - did I waste my money or did I do ok? What do ya'll think?

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  1. You also need to take into account the time and gas you saved by not having to drive somewhere, and that you got products you would not otherwise have been able to get. Seems like you got a good deal - although I can not imagine bringing flour over, the other things I could). Sometimes I buy things online that would cost me about the same here, but it means I can avoid going into a real store, where I would undoubtedly make many more impulse buys.

    Regarding teas - Israeli packs have 20% more in I think - 25 not 20.


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