Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick! Shabbat is almost here!

We did not do so well with planning ahead this week. I MEANT to make challah early in the week but then got completely busy with other things and never got to it... So, it's Friday morning, I'm already tired, and there's no challah!

So here's my plan:

Homemade Challot and Rolls

Vegetable soup (that I made already! Yay for thinking of it on Wednesday)

Baked potatoes (ditto - Wednesday I made a whole lot - figured as long as the oven was on I may as well bake as many potatoes as I could fit in there)


Chicken (not sure - maybe Honey BBQ sauce?)

Carrot Kugel (making lots - my freezer stash is GONE)

Vegetarian Cholent (B"H I remembered late last night to set the beans and barley soaking)


Tofu Lo-Mein for the boy who eats EVERYTHING and LOTS OF IT except meat

Tomatoes, Cucumbers

Chocolate Chip Squares

Ok better get moving! What are you making for Shabbat?

(I have been focusing on the produce that's available for 2 NIS/kg - potatoes and carrots and occasionally other things)


  1. I just bought 2 bags of potatoes at 2 NIS a kilo (6 kilo in total)and 3 kilo of carrots at 1 shekel a kilo. I thought I would make some kugels and freeze some.

  2. awesome! did u find the recipes?


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