Sunday, November 27, 2011

What to do with Fennel

Last week, fennel was one of those super-sale vegetables. I bought some, figuring I'll experiment with it.

Here are some ideas:

Grill it, and eat it plain

Grill it, and eat it tossed with a citrus-based dressing (really delicious!)

Cut into cubes and toss with olive oil and salt, and roast in your oven till nicely browned

Saute in olive oil

Slice thinly, soak in ice water, and use in fresh salads (the ice water makes it really crisp) (seems to go well with citrus)

Use in soups

Use in quiche (saute or roast it first!)

Cook in tomato sauce and serve over rice or similar

Here's a list of a wide variety of recipes that use fennel (note: not all the recipes in this link are kosher)

Here's another interesting list of fennel recipes (note: not all the recipes in this link are kosher)

Personally, I think I'm up to trying a creamy fennel soup! sounds great!

What will you be making with your fennel?


  1. My mom puts in her chicken soup, and my husband slices it and drizzles lemon juice and olive oil on it and a bit of salt for a really easy salad.

  2. I made a potato soup and used some fennel in it. It is a pureed soup so all the fennel was hidden from skeptical glances. (my family is skeptical of anything new and unfamiliar) Most of the family ate the soup, too!


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