Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wanted: Breakfast Help

What happened? It got so cold! I wake up in the morning and I am all warm and cozy under my blanket. Not just any blanket, my super extra-warmth hypoallergenic down comforter. I plan to keep it forever. It is my favorite object in the house right now. (Yes, I have supplied everyone in the house with one. So no one can complain that they are cold.)
The problem is that outside of my blanket, it is decidedly NOT warm. There is a heater in the room, but turning it on is decidedly NOT frugal. So I don't get up as early as I should, and by the time I push myself out of bed, I am being pounced upon by children who wake up so full of energy and "stARving".
I then regret not having gotten up to start the coffeepot earlier and I can't figure out what to do with starving children so early in the morning without any caffeine...
My kids have been eating kind of wacky breakfasts - whatever leftovers I pull out of the fridge and pretend are breakfast worthy. But I guess in the end, they eat breakfast and when they are cold too, they have a cup of tea with milk and pretend they are from some other country where they drink tea with milk (I only give them decaf tea, don't worry!).
So the question is, what to do about mornings, and breakfast? The kids complain that there is nothing "normal" for breakfast in the house (they want cereal, bagels, English muffins, and the like - really not foods that I buy here. And everyone says no to oatmeal these days. I think they are oatmealed out.). How much energy should I invest in breakfast? Should I make a batch of English muffins and fill the freezer? Buy a waffle maker? I can't quite figure this out. I think I used to bake breakfast breads and muffins... but stopped. For some reason.
What do you do about breakfast?


  1. Breakfast is hard here too.. I went through a phase of making sourdough bread almost daily, which we had for breakfast. Then a phase of english muffins. But I'm temporarily burned out on baking. We've been eating store-bought bread with eggs. Not sure if eggs counts as frugal or not... What about shakshuka? You could make a big batch (without the eggs) and split up in daily amounts to use (and would just reheat and add eggs). I like oatmeal in the winter for an evening snack. My kids luckily never (yet) tire of oatmeal...

  2. I used to think eggs were frugal, but I am soo OVER conventionally raised eggs. And organic ones are slightly better but far from ideal, and so not frugal. sigh.
    so I have cut down on our egg usage a TON. For tomorrow I have a banana-flaxseed bread. I am just going to have to get back into baking. I may need a push every so often. Or make it my kids' job!


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