Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Retail therapy? Don't go broke, though!

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Do you need a diversion from everything? Sometimes the best thing to do is to give something to someone. I know many people are volunteering in countless ways, but maybe you know someone who will be comforted by a more physical gesture or gift? If so, shopping is your answer!

And here I am, with a number of cute and inexpensive gift ideas! These are from Amazon, with free shipping options to Israel (and they ship to other places too):

The best gift I found this winter, and gave to my whole family are cozy blanket hoodies! They are awesome and (I've been told that some people have even been spotted wearing them to class at college.) Right now there's a coupon you can activate to get it for even less - so hurry and take advantage of that!

These options are all $6 (about 21 NIS) or less:

"Hug this till you can hug me" pillow cover (I can think of a number of scenarios for which this pillow cover is PERFECT)

Stainless steel large Coffee thermos (I love getting people to switch over to reusable cups!)

Fancy Vanilla Coffee Turmeric Soap (washing your face with coffee? I'm intrigued!)

Paint by number kits (I couldn't believe how much more these cost locally, this is a huge savings for those who like these)

Jewelry making/Beading kit (great for fun with the kids - note: these are plastic beads)

Wooden Fruit toys (these are great for toddlers)

If you're looking for something else, let me know, maybe I've already stumbled across a deal!

Get all the deals in my groups: Israel Deals Made Easy and Live in Israel. Shop Online, and Kosher Frugal)!

Things to know about ordering from Israel: Shipping takes time, and lately they seem to be building in a lot of extra delivery time to cover worst-case scenarios, but most packages arrive earlier than the "deliver by" date.

Amazon's prices change frequently but they're really great about letting you know if an item in your cart has changed price - so if you found one and deliberated about it, you'll know if something changed when you decide to complete your purchase. Of course, if you want to lock in the sale price (all the items listed above are DISCOUNTED right now), you should click, add to cart, and buy without waiting!

Sometimes free shipping offers disappear, so please check carefully before you order. Most free shipping offers require a minimum purchase of $49. Just remember - you can avoid VAT and other import fees by staying below the $75 tax threshold for any single order! If you do go over, you will see exactly what you'll pay in taxes at checkout. I only do this if I'm actually buying a product that costs more than $75. And I don't add any other small things to these orders, because once you're over, you're over and you'll pay fees on the entire order.

For smaller purchases, I place separate orders that each total under $75.

If you're in the USA and buying a gift for someone in Israel, please follow those guidelines, too - or be prepared to prepay all taxes and fees. You'll see them before you checkout, so don't worry about surprises. You will need to enter the recipient's ID number at checkout too, so the package can clear customs.

Hope you found this helpful!

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