Sunday, February 4, 2024

Making the most of your credit card

Did you know that most Israeli credit cards offer "rewards and benefits" to cardholders?

For a long time, I ignored mine.

And then one day, I realized that I might be missing out on some big savings. For things I might be buying anyway! 

For example, for a while, my Isracard offered a discount for purchases over a certain amount at IKEA once or twice a year, though I haven't seen this deal lately. 

You can check your Isracard offers by logging in to your account and checking the הטבות/benefits section!

I discovered that my CAL card gives me access to a number of discount vouchers, too:

like a 50 NIS Steimatzky voucher for 39 NIS!

And 100 NIS Nizat HaDuvdevan vouchers for 92 NIS!
They actually have dozens of discount vouchers, it's worth checking before you shop!

There are also MAX credit cards, and those have rewards and deals as well. So if you have one of those - be sure to check!

So go ahead, log into your credit card account - either via the app or their website and take the time to poke around. Some credit cards have access to the "regular" rewards and benefits via the app and are also part of a membership club, and you'll find additional rewards via the "club" (moadon) site. Be sure to check them all - you'll be happy to find ways to save on things you were going to buy anyway!

Happy savings!

Let me know what deals you find!

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