Sunday, February 11, 2024

Check out KSP online shopping!

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Today's Aliyah Tip: Sometimes the best price is at the most unexpected of places!

I like to keep my eyes open when I venture out - did a new store open near me? Which store sells random things you wouldn't really expect? Is there a place to pick up food super cheap? I take note of things I see around town so I can always try to get a deal when I can!

The same applies to online shopping. Sometimes the best deal is at a really random place.

Like KSP online!

I just discovered that they sell TONS of items online, besides computers and electronics - which is what you find if you go to their physical locations.

Right now, they're selling Adidas deodorant sprays for far less than I see them for at Rami Levy and pharmacy-type places. And that's even without a sale!

I also found a 6-pack of Orbitol toothbrushes for 10 NIS, which is less than I found them for at discount stores (think "stock" stores)!
They even make it easy to buy eco-friendly and "natural" products, like these:

Listerine Naturals Enamel Protect for 15 NIS

Listerine Naturals Gum Protect for 15 NIS

Also, this is a great way to be sure you're paying low prices for every day items:

Pack of 200 cotton swabs for 3 NIS

Pack of 50 sanitizing wipes for 5 NIS

Or buy great gifts and household goods for a great price!

They even sell Melissa and Doug toys. And Sodastream products - the 3-pack of bottles for your sodastream is priced lower than almost every place I've seen them.

Isn't this super-convenient? I love that they deliver from within Israel so there's no waiting for shipments from overseas.

If you're looking for something else, let me know, maybe I've already stumbled across a deal!

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