Monday, January 29, 2024

Free samples! (New ones!)

Today's deal: FREE SAMPLES!

Don't you love freebies - specifically, useful freebies!?
Of course you do!
So I'm really excited to be able to bring back the Freebie section of this blog - today I found two freebies to share with you.

First up, grab a free sample pack of Flexitol skin cream products! (These are intense skin repair creams, and really great!)

Screenshot from

Next, you can grab a sample of Perskindol pain relief gel. They make two versions, and I believe you'll need to choose which one you want to sample - the "active" version or the "thermo" version.

Screenshot from

You just have to fill out basic information (name, address, etc) and they'll send you a sample pack in the mail.

In my experience, they often send a coupon towards your next purchase, too.

Hope you found this helpful - if yes, please share this blog post!

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