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Aliyah Tips: Lost your wallet? Useful tips inside!

It can happen to anyone. Your wallet got lost (or perhaps stolen)! You've looked everywhere, but it's nowhere to be found!

Now what?

First, make a list of all the things you had inside it that you'll need to cancel and replace.

This may include your teudat zehut, kupat cholim card, credit card, debit card, ID cards for work/school, Rav Kav, etc

Don't give up. You're going to manage. Hopefully, you didn't have anything like a LOT of cash in there!

Start with filing a report of your lost item:

  • File a report with the police: CLICK HERE to file a report with the police (this link is for LOST ITEMS - it can be anything, not just your wallet) 
  • File a report with Egged if you lost it on the bus or in a bus station they manage 
  • File a report with Superbus if you lost it on the bus or in a bus station they manage
  • Contact Nateev Express if you lost it on a bus they operate
  • Contact Dan bus lines at 03-6933280 - they don't have an online lost and found form
  • Contact Israel Railways if you lost it on the train
  • Contact Kavim at 03-7732060 if you lost it on a bus they operate
  • Contact Metropoline at *5900 if you lost it on one of their lines
  • If you lost it in a mall, file a report with mall management
  • Other places may accept a report as well - definitely worth checking, because you might just get a call that someone turned it in!
Next, make an appointment with Misrad Hapnim to start the process of replacing your ID card (teudat zehut). You WILL need another form of ID with you when you do this - hopefully, you have a qualifying ID, like a passport, in a safe place (tip: they may allow you to use a recently expired passport for this, AND renew your passport at the same time as replacing your TZ). It may be easier for you to get an appointment in another city - currently, some of the far-flung offices sometimes even have same-day TZ or Passport appointments available (I know this because I live in one of them!).

Next, contact your debit card and credit card issuers to block your card. You can put a 48-hour block on your card anytime 24/7 that will turn into a card cancellation if you don't update them before the 48 hours are up. They'll then send you a new card to your home address. You can do this by logging into your credit card's app, via their website, or by calling or whatsapping their customer service.

Here's how to reach them:
To get a new kupat cholim card, the easiest thing to do is GO TO YOUR CLINIC and speak with the front desk. They can cancel your old card and, in most cases, will issue a new one on the spot (you'll want to be sure the old one is cancelled and you're not just getting a duplicate if you've connected your kupat cholim card to your bank account or credit card, because you don't want someone else to be able to charge your account for items purchased at the kupat choim pharmacy, or fill your scripts and take your meds!). If you can't go in to the clinic, you can log in to your kupat cholim app and request a new one.

Driver's Licenses can be replaced by logging in to your MyGov account. Due to a backlog, they are currently recommending downloading a PDF of your license instead of requesting a physical replacement.

Your work or school ID will have to be replaced at work or school, and shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

If you lost your Rav Kav, you'll want to cancel it and get your balance reloaded onto a new one. You can only do this for personalized cards. Anonymous Rav Kav users cannot do this. It will take a few days to process your balance transfer request. Click here to order a replacement Rav Kav 

Please let me know if I forgot anything that might be lost when you lost your wallet! I'd be happy to make sure to add it and links to helpful sites for replacing it, too.

I hope you don't lose these things, but if you know someone who's panicking after losing a wallet or similar, please share this with them so they can quickly get their stuff back in order!

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