Monday, November 15, 2021

Amazon Deals - Because it's SALES season!

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Ok. So I might be a little overly excited about the fact that I can now get SOOO many things from Amazon with FREE shipping TO MY DOOR. I mean, the convenience is unbeatable. And the selection... well you know how that is.

And guess what? You don't just have to buy luxuries or extras --

You can focus on THE BASICS. And save money in the process.

Like what, you ask?

Here are some ideas:

Food Containers (for keeping food warm on the go) (15% off right now)

Attachments for your Kitchenaid mixer (35% off)

Insulated Lunch Bags (35% off) - I'm a huge fan of these!

Under-the-Sink Organizers (29% off)

Inexpensive towels 

Books, especially for kids! But also others...

I could probably go on for a while more, but I've got too much to do right now so I'll have to stop here! Let me know if you're having trouble getting something - maybe I'll be able to find it for you!

Some fun non-basics I stumbled across:

Porcelain plates in bright designs (49% off)

Table Runner (25% off)

Happy bargain hunting!

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