Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Discount tickets for everyone!

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Everyone loves a discount, so be sure you don't pay full price if you're planning a day out! Now's the time to buy them for Chanukah - but check if there are any dates that are excluded. I could have missed something.

Here's my curated list of deals for family fun - I've put it together so you can save and get out for a great activity:

1. Bowling in Haifa: 22 or 26 NIS per person (different prices for weekdays or weekends) Click HERE for this deal

2. 33 NIS tickets to Chai-Kef in Rishon Click HERE for this deal

3. 33.90 NIS for tickets to the Haifa Zoo Click HERE for this deal

4. Half price tickets for the glass-bottomed boat in Eilat Click HERE for this deal

5. Deep discounts on tix to "Maaseh B'Chamisha Ballonim" at various locations Click HERE for this deal

6. Up North? Check out this spa day deal at HaGoshrim! Some options include breakfast!

And did I mention it's a great price?! Click HERE for this deal

7. Here's a great price for a day of pampering at Hamei Ga'ash! Click HERE for this deal

8. Tix to the Salvador Dali exhibit in Herzliya! Click HERE for this deal

9. Discount tix to the Biblical Museum of Natural History in Bet Shemesh Click HERE for this deal

10. Bowling at Babylon Park, Jerusalem - for over 35% off! Click HERE for this deal

11. Discount tix for Arbel Bowling at various locations (including: Be'er Sheva, Bet Shemesh, Herzliya, Kiryat Ono, Modiin, Netanya, Jerusalem, and Ashkelon) Click HERE for this deal

12. Tix for Mini Israel - get a family pack for 149 NIS and then buy additional tickets for just 39 NIS. If you aren't buying a family pack, individual tickets are available for 59 NIS (58 if you hurry!) Click HERE for this deal

Hopefully I'll keep adding deals! Check for updates!

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