Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Black Friday Deals (Ships from within Israel)

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Do you prefer to buy things that don't ship from overseas? I hear ya, loud and clear! I buy from Israeli sites, too! And lucky for us, there are some sales going on. So if you were in the market for something particular, or want to buy a gift for someone, here are some deals to check out:

These are some of the deals I found on GROO in their current Black Friday Sale:

1. Trial Subscription to National Geographic Kids (plus extras!) for just 9.90 NIS

2. Wooden Toys in a variety of price ranges, some with free shipping

3. Espresso Maker for 299 NIS

4. 10 men's t-shirts (undershirts?) for 89.90

5. Vardinon down blankets for half the regular price!

6. Zooma photo album for 59 NIS

7. Coffee capsules for 1 NIS/apiece

8. Chair that opens to a bed (free shipping to some areas and with certain conditions)

9. 6 liters of Terra Creta Olive Oil (plus a bottle of balsamic vinegar) for 199 NIS

10. Dinner for 2 at Papagaio in Herzliya for 199 NIS!

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