Wednesday, March 7, 2018

iHerb shipping saver suggestions

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SAVE lots of money with these tips!

We all know how convenient iHerb is when you choose express shipping, right?

I mean, I placed an order last Thursday night around midnight, and my package was in my house by 2pm today (Tuesday). Pretty awesome, huh?

I ordered a HUGE order, and shipping wasn't so cheap -- but it also wasn't crazy. Somewhere in the range of 50 shekels, for $70 worth of stuff, weighing about 15 lbs in total. I probably could have saved a bit more if I had looked around for another lightweight, low-cost shipping saver.

To keep your shipping down, you really need to find some great shipping savers! To make the most of what they have to offer (i.e. lower costs overall), try to make sure these are lightweight, useful, and inexpensive items (or some combination of those factors!).

Here are some of my favorite shipping savers:

Deodorant Crystal body spray (about $2)

Lip Balms for under $2 each (these are tinted, and are great for when your young teen has decided she must color her lips but you really don't want her wearing lipstick yet!)

Acne Treatment patch (about $5, similar products locally are more than double the price)

Now foods Lemon essential oils or Orange essential oils - 1 fl. oz bottle (great deal, as this is a large bottle. great for scenting your homemade cleaners!)

Now foods Rosemary essential oils - 1 fl. oz bottle (this is a great deal, as it's a large bottle. use it in your hair or your children's hair...)

Yogourmet freeze dried yogurt starters (for those who want to know what strains of enzymes are in your homemade yogurt!)

Children's toothbrushes (2 pack for under $3)

Dental Floss (100 yards - much larger than a standard pack!) Comes in Cinnamon Flavor too!

Insulated food containers (not cheap but these are GREAT for brown-bagging your lunch!)

If you need a reusable feminine hygiene product (a menstrual cup or cloth pad?), you can get some of these as shipping savers too!

If you need a baby gift, you may even be able to find a cute shipping saver, too! Check out these reversible bucket hats - they come in gender neutral or very girly.

There are literally thousands of other shipping savers, which ones are your favorites? Please let me know!


  1. Hi. Just wanted to bring to your attention that the yogurt starters are not kosher

    1. Yogourmet is kosher!


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