Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pesach Fun!

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I love being able to bring you the best of Groupon's deals - this post is all about Entertainment and Attractions, specifically over Pesach!

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Planning your Pesach activities? Check out these deals for discount admission to various attractions all around the country -- they should all be valid for Pesach fun (though terms and conditions can change at any time)! Vouchers vary from slight discounts to 50% off or more:

The Monkey Shelter


Ice Skating in Eilat 

Park Eretz Hatzvi

Graffiti Workshops in Florentin, Tel Aviv

Pesach "Happening" at the Kiryat Ono Pool - 25 shekels for an adult, 40 shekels for a kid, for all day pool and fun!

Discount games at Laser Tag Planet, Haifa!

MadaTech in Haifa

Derech Ha'Etz Park

Beit Oren "Fun Day" (Horseback Riding, "Tomcar" ride) (there is an additional fee at the gate for Pesach and other special days)

Extreme Park at Montfort Lake (Maalot)

Jimbolee in Hadera

Reptile Center, Katzrin

Flyboard Experience on the Kinneret

Kinneret Water Sports

Speedboating on the Kinneret

Maimonides Puzzle Room (book with code Kosherfrugal for 10% off)

Havat Gan Eden, Be'er Yaakov

Funky Monkey (playplace) in Ashdod

JumpPark in Netanya

JumpPark in Rishon

Shachmatipus -- Climbing Wall in Kiryat Malachi

Strawberry Picking in Ramot Hashavim

Strawberry Picking in Hod Hasharon

Technoda - if you want Pesach tickets, make sure you buy the one that is valid during Pesach, not the one for the week before!

Bowling in Eilat

Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens

Agam Nitzanim (Ashdod)

Urban Climbing in Rechovot (does not include rental fee for climbing shoes)

Igudan Water Treatment Facility, Rishon (includes the "green circus" show) for 10 shekels

If you're planning a vacation, check out these tips before you get started!

Be sure to check eLuna for discount restaurant vouchers or click here for Groupon restaurant deals!

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