Monday, March 5, 2018

Israel Science Week - March 11-15, 2018

In honor of 70 years of Statehood, the Ministry of Science and Technology is sponsoring Israel Science Week!

There is sure to be a FREE event near you! If you want to share this post, please do not copy and paste it! Feel free to share this link, though --

Here's what's going on, and where:

Sorry for the bare bones info. Please consider calling the various institutions to verify dates and times, as I cannot be responsible for any errors. Thanks for your understanding!

Bloomfield Science Museum: Women in Science, March 15, 2pm-8pm (family activities)

Bar Ilan University: Math-based technology, March 12, 3:30pm - 8pm (more info here)

MadaTech: Multiple Activities, March 15, 4:30pm - 8:30pm

Haifa University, Hecht Museum: Multiple Activities, March 11, 9am - 7pm

Tzomet Institute: March 15, 10am - 4pm

Oranim College: March 15, 4pm - 9pm. Ages 4+

Tel Hai College: March 15, 4pm-8pm

Carasso Science Park (Be'er Sheva): Electricity-themed. March 15, 4pm - 8pm

Kinneret College: March 11, 4pm-8pm

Regional R&D - Arava: (Tachanat Yair) March 15, 4pm - 9pm

Al-Qasami College: (Events will take place in Arabic) March 15, 10am - 2pm

Migal Kiryat Shmonah: Events will take place at the Darka Danziger School, March 14, from 4pm-8pm (info here)

Shamir Research Institute (Katzrin): March 15, 9am - 2pm

Ariel University: March 15, 4pm - 9pm

Hebrew University's Agricultural Faculty in Rechovot: Science Fair, March 12, 4:30pm - 9pm

Regional R&D - East: (Location TBD) March 13, 1:30pm - 6:30pm

Have a great time! This is a great way to enrich your children's exposure to science!

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