Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kugel Recipes for Pesach (passover)

Pesach cooking calls for a bit of extra creativity. And sometimes when it's time to cook, I have nothing left! I mean, exhaustion just takes over. I'm SURE you've been there too.

Oh and I'd just like to note that on Pesach I relax some of my "frugal" guidelines. I spend the month before being very careful and doing pantry challenges, and avoiding extras, so that when the holiday comes along we have enough wiggle room in our budget to buy some nice extras. So yes, we spend more on Pesach than on a typical week. And I'm totally ok with that!

Anyhow, back to cooking: In order to avoid "the rut", I'm gathering our favorite kugel recipes that are kosher for Pesach and posting them here. No, I am not up to cooking yet. As a matter of fact, I won't be cooking until Sunday right before Pesach. But I am planning now - that way I can hope not to overbuy when I shop tomorrow.

So here are the kugel recipes - bookmark this page so we can all find them later!

Carrot Kugel (contains matzah meal, so this is "gebrokts", pareve)

Potato Kugel (gluten-free, non-gebrokts, pareve)

Vegetable Kugel (gluten-free, non-gebrokts, pareve) - I also do this with steamed broccoli or steamed cauliflower. Same idea, different kugel. Always a hit.
(The original version of this works really well for using up veggies from the "sug bet" rack!)

Sweet Potato Kugel (gluten-free, non gebrokts, pareve)

We also love desserts, so watch for a post coming soon about Pesach baking!

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