Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hotel deals and Restaurant Deals!

Kosherfrugal.com and Janglo have teamed up to bring you Groupon deals (and sometimes others) that you may have missed! Check them out below:

(Some links in this post are affiliate links; I may get paid a commission when you make a purchase using these links. Thanks in advance for your support!)

Pesach is on the horizon, so this week's deals are all about making this holiday season easier for you!

It's not too late to book a hotel for this week or next! Here are some last minute deals for you to check out:

Hotel and Getaway Deals:

Looking for a deal for a hotel at the Dead Sea? Start here! Note: this site quotes prices for "one person in a double occupancy room" as the price. Your total will reflect the price for 2 people in a double occupancy room, for the number of nights you're booking. Some hotels are available for short one night getaways, and others require a minimum of two nights.

Looking for a last minute hotel deal for Pesach, or part of it? These deals all include breakfast. Check them out!

If you are looking for a zimmer getaway, check out Groupon Zimmer deals (a few of these even allow you to bring the kids along, but most are for couples).

Restaurant Deals:

No matter HOW organized you are, the week before Pesach leaves everyone scrambling for food at times. So here are some deals!


Pizza Cheese in Modiin - best deal is TWO personal pizzas with a topping and a drink for 27nis.

Pizza Francheska in Kiryat Ono - family size pizza deals for 40nis!

Pizza Don Fredo in Kiryat Ono - personal pizzas for half price!

Pizza Del Mondo in Petach Tikvah - 2 pies for 59nis!

Pizza Portabello in Bat Yam - pizza deals starting at 19nis!

Pizza HaGesher in Be'er Sheva - "Giant size" pizza for just 29nis!

Pizza at Casa del Papa in Herzliya - Get 2 Large pizzas for 49nis!


China Bay in Haifa (I've heard GOOD things about this place, but it is a bit of a splurge!) - 85nis for one, 159nis for two

Special Sushi (Kosher branch) in Ohr Yehuda - sushi for 2 for 79nis

Bamboo Restaurant in Rishon - dinner for one for 30nis, or dinner for 2 for 59nis

Sushi Plus in Petach Tikvah - deals start at 39nis

Frangeliko in Jerusalem (kosher branch) - Sushi dinner for 2 for 88nis

Frangeliko in Yagur (kosher branch) - Sushi dinner for 2 for 88nis 

The Sushiya in Afula - sushi dinner for 2 for 79nis (or a party platter for 199nis!

Takeout Food:

Jerusalem Delights - 100nis voucher for 50nis!

"Wedding Club" (Jerusalem) - 100nis voucher for 50nis!

"Bishulim" in Petach Tikvah - 50nis voucher for 25nis, or 100nis voucher for 50nis! 

"Minei Gan Ochel Muchan" in Netanya - 100nis voucher for 50nis!

"Machbuz" in Ramat Gan - 60nis voucher for 30nis!

Ben's takeout in Kfar Sava -  100nis voucher for 50nis!

If you're looking for a different kind of restaurant voucher, please let me know - I'll see what's out there for you! 

You can find other kinds of deals here

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