Monday, April 24, 2017

Kosher Restaurant Deals

(links in the post may be affiliate or referral links, and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking a link. Thanks in advance for your support!) and Janglo have teamed up to bring you some great Groupon deals you don't want to miss!

Pizza Deals:

Pizza Portabello on the Tayelet in Bat Yam (19nis for a personal pizza with toppings and a drink, or 39nis for a family size pizza with toppings and garlic bread)

Pizza Cheese in Modi'in (best deal is the 1+1 - get 2 personal pizzas with a topping and drinks for 27nis)

Pizza Francesco in Kiryat Ono (personal pizza with topping and a drink for 22nis, or a family size pizza with a topping, and a Belgian Waffle, for 40nis)

Pizza Del Mondo in Petach Tikva (2 36cm pizzas - Israeli style or Margarita - for 59nis)

Pizza HaGesher in Be'er Sheva (29nis for an XL pizza)

Pizza HaGesher in Ramat Gan (29nis for an XL pizza)

Sushi Deals:

Special Sushi in Ohr Yehuda (79nis for a meal for 2)

My Sushi in Givat Shaul (Jerusalem) for half price

Sushi at Frangeliko in Jerusalem (Beit HaKerem) (88nis for a meal for 2)

HaSushiya in Afula (meal for 2 for 79nis, or a party platter for 199nis)

Keiseki in Bat Yam (Buy 1 Get one Free Deal)


Bereishit Restaurant in Petach Tikva (119nis for meal for 2, 235 for a party of 4)

Aziza - Grill Bar in Ashdod (Badatz) (Half price vouchers) 

Dominique Kitchen Bar in Ramat Gan (Half price vouchers)

Avazi Steakhouse in Talpiot (vouchers for 50-55% off)

Steakiya BaKfar in Moshav Ya'ara (in the Galil) (Half price vouchers)

El Gaucho in Rishon (dinner for 2 for 229nis)

ReyMeat in Kadima (near Netanya) (Half price vouchers)


Ruben in Herzliya Pituach (starting at 27nis)

HaShnitzeliya at the Central Bus Station in Be'er Sheva (starting at 25nis)

HaParah in Be'er Sheva (Burger meals starting at 35nis)

Burger Factory in Tel Aviv (on Ibn Gvirol) (dinner for 2 for 69nis)

Shabbat Takeout:

Jerusalem Delights (Half price vouchers)

Wedding Club (Talpiot) (Half price vouchers)

Bishulim (Petach Tikvah)  (Half price vouchers)

Minei Gan (Netanya) (Half price vouchers)

Machvuz (Ramat Gan) (Half price vouchers)

Ben's Takeout (Kfar Sava) (Half price vouchers)

Maadanei Yerushalayim (Badatz) (Ohr Yehuda) (Half price vouchers)

Fortuna (at the gas station in Petach Tikvah)  (Half price vouchers)

Pinati (Jerusalem) (Half price vouchers)

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