Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This week's deals!

Kosherfrugal.com and Janglo have teamed up to bring you Groupon deals (and others) that you may have missed because of language issues. Check them out below!
(Some links in this post are affiliate links; I may get paid a commission when you purchase thru these links. Thanks in advance for your support!)
Here are some of the online deals I found this week - I hope they save you money!

Consumer items and more:

Tight on space, lots of laundry? Check out this space saving laundry drying rack! (I have something similar and it is great!) 

Save on replacements heads for your Braun or Oral-B electric toothbrush, with free shipping 

Trying to find more space? Check out these space saving garbage receptacles!

Need help with neck pain? Try out this 19nis neck warmer that will ease your pain from a stiff neck!

Need pressure socks for circulation issues and leg swelling? Now you can get them in Israel for just about 40 shekels!

Need makeup brushes? Here's a set of 20 (!!!) for about 60 nis!

Need a Car Wash? Check out this 29 nis car wash deal in Jerusalem!

Food Related:
Get a French Cheese Platter (Mehadrin Kashrut) for half price (pick up in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem)

Pay 50nis for 100nis worth of takeout food from Kazablan on Fridays in Givat Ze'ev (only one per person per day, and not valid on Pesach)

Get an Israeli breakfast for 2 at Teresa in Cinema City (Jerusalem) for 59 nis! 

Workshops and Things to do:

Have fun making something beautiful! Check out this "Art Glass Studio" workshop deal for more than 50% off!

I hope you find these deals useful! Let me know what kinds of deals you want more of - leave a comment below!

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