Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Large-Scale Boil Water Advisory!

Thursday Update: the Boil Water Advisory has ended.

The Ministry of Health issued a Boil Water Advisory for the following towns today, due to irregularities found in water samples:

Kfar Tavor
Kfar Kama
Moshav Sarona (Eizor Taasiyah) (this notation was unclear and is my best guess as to what was meant)
Beit Sefer Kaduri
Moetza Eizorit Lower Galilee Building
Moshav Shadmot Devorah
Terra Santa Monastery
Kibbutz Beit Keshet
Moshav Kfar Kish
Kibbutz Gazit
Yavniel - Western neighborhood

Water must be boiled before use for any food preparation, drinking, dishwashing, toothbrushing, medication preparation and similar. Boil your water for at least 5 minutes and allow it to cool. Home water purifiers will not remove the problem.

This Boil Water Advisory is in effect until the Ministry of Health notifies otherwise.

Please share with your friends and family who may be affected and may not have heard!

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