Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This week's deals!

Kosherfrugal.com and Janglo have teamed up to bring you Groupon deals (and others) that you may have missed because of language issues. Check them out below!  

(Some links in this post are affiliate links; I may get paid a commission when you purchase thru these links. Thanks in advance for your support!)

Here are some of the online deals I found this week - I hope they save you money!

For your house:

Get a really easy-to-use coffee percolator for so little!

Healthify your kitchen with these glass casserole dishes - complete with glass covers. I have a set of these for Pesach and always think that I should have them for year-round too!

For when you're out:

Manicure/Pedicure starting at 29 nis - in Jerusalem on Derech Hebron

"The Night Watch" interactive game (requires a private car) in Jerusalem for more than half off. Groupon is valid until April 21, 2017 (it is valid during Pesach).

Try out the new Pink Park app to make parking in Tel Aviv and Gush Dan easier. Get half off 2 hrs of parking when you activate the app. One Groupon per phone number ONLY! 

Learn about refinishing your old furniture - attend a workshop for less than half price! (In Petach Tikva)

Live the Bible Workshop in the Old City of Yerushalayim (2 tickets for 48 nis, 3 for 69 nis, 4 for 89 nis)
Discount tickets to the Herzl Museum - an educational day out

Discount tickets to the Lantern Lit Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem with Reshit Yerushalayim

Gush Etzion Winery tours for 18NIS/couple or 35NIS for four!

Get 10% off at the Maimonides Puzzle Room in Tiberias. Use code "Kosherfrugal" when you make your reservation!

Going out to eat? Check out these half-price vouchers for great restaurants!
If you'll be at Namal Tel Aviv, take advantage of this special deal: Meal for 2 for NIS 139 at Greg

Get a free Chocolate pizza for dessert at Bardak in Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem

Hope these deals save you money! Let me know what kinds of deals you want more of - leave a comment below!

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