Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Recent Recalls - Undeclared Allergens in a Number of Products

Here are few recent recalls/allergen alerts you may have missed:

"Maklot Vanil" is recalling the following cakes because of undeclared dairy ingredients:

"Nekudat Shokolad" - Pareve
"Jupiter" - Pareve
"Praline" - Pareve

All of these cakes made by this company are being recalled - with ALL expiration dates up to and including 30/04/17

Consumers with milk allergies should NOT eat these cakes!

Please direct your questions to the manufacturer, at 04-642-0222

Mars from Holland and Mars from England warn that the HEBREW labels on a number of products do not have correct Allergen Warnings. The ingredients list should prevail - if you are allergic to an item listed in the ingredients, DO NOT EAT THE PRODUCT, even if  your allergen is not listed in the allergen warning!

Labels are being corrected.

The mistake is evident on the following products: 
for illustrative purposes only

Snickers Mini
Snickers Bites
Snickers Bar
Snickers Multi-Pack
Snickers Bon-Bons


Mars Mini
Mars Multi-Pack
Mars Bar
Mars Bon-Bons


Twix Bites
Twix Multi-Pack
Twix Bar
Twix Mini

Bounty Bar

Bounty Mini

If you have any questions concerning this announcement, please call customer service at 03-524-0607

Please share this announcement with anyone you know who has a food allergy and may be at risk!

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