Sunday, January 22, 2017

Free Admission to MadaTech in 2017

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Madatech, if you haven't heard of it, is a Science Museum, located in the heart of Haifa. It's a pretty good Science Museum (and we have seen MANY Science Museums in the past 18 years!), and all of my kids (aged 8-17 at the time we went) found things that interested them and kept them busy for our whole day there!

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Normally, it's pretty pricey to take a family to Madatech (base price is 340 shekels for a family of 4 according to the website, and each additional child is 50 shekels), so naturally, when we found out it was free on Wednesdays in February and March, we took a day to go. I wholeheartedly recommend you find a way to go too.

And now, Free Admission is back - Get into MadaTech in Haifa for FREE on most Wednesdays in 2017!

The following Wednesdays are excluded (admission is NOT free these days):
April 5 and 12 - Pesach
May 31 Shavuot

June 21 THRU Aug 31 (summer vacation) 

Sept 20 - Rosh Hashana

Oct. 4 and 11 (Sukkot)

December 13 and 20 (Chanukah)

In addition, please note that there may be other changes or days the museum is closed. Please check the website or call the museum (04-861-4444) before you go!

This promotion ends December 31, 2017

Opening hours on Wednesday are 10am - 3pm, so plan accordingly!

UPDATE: Tickets are only issued until 2pm, and you cannot get in without one, even though it's free. Be sure to arrive before the ticket counter closes!

**If you can't get in on a Free day, check out this Groupon deal for discount tickets!**

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