Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Olive Oil Issues - Fakes in the Marketplace

The Ministry of Health runs random checks on olive oil in the marketplace, to assure compliance with health and labeling standards.

The following oils, marked as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, were tested and found to have significant deviations from the standard, and are most likely not pure olive oil (most likely another oil has been mixed in with the olive oil):

1. "Mary" brand 4 liter can. Marked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in Tzur Yigael. The sample tested had expiration date 7.12.17

2. Shemen Zayit HaGalil, 1liter bottles, produced in Kidmat Galil. The sample tested had expiration date 8/2017

3. Shaarei Yerushalayim "Extra Virgin Olive Oil", had multiple issues, including a forged, outdated seal. The sample was found at "Maadanei Achim Eliyahu" at Shuk Machaneh Yehudah in Jerusalem

4. "Umanut Hashemen" (The Art of Oil) "Extra Virgin Olive Oil", 4L bottle, produced in Kidmat Galil

5. An unmarked bottle of oil being sold at "Roshdi, Druze Food" at Sarona Market in Tel Aviv. It was represented as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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