Monday, January 9, 2017

Latest Recalls - Protein Bars and Energy Bars

I have two recalls to share with you today.

The first one is these Protein Bars:

"Oh Yeah One" 60 gram protein bars, almond flavor, with a use by date of 01/10/2017 and batch code 16214B 6, have incorrect allergen information on the Hebrew labels. The labels should specify that the product contains SOY and DAIRY ingredients.

The mislabeled products are safe to eat, but are being recalled for the safety of the allergy community.

The bars may be returned to the place where purchased. If you have further questions, please contact the importer at 050-513-3333.

The second recall involves the following Energy Bars:

Strauss brand Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Covered Energy Bars, 28g, Barcode 7290106666467
Strauss brand Sugar Free Energy Bars with Mixed Nuts, 20g, barcode 72901034044024
with use by date 15/7/2017

are being recalled due to a quality issue. The energy bars are harder than would be expected, due to production changes. In order to avoid disappointment, consumers are asked to call Strauss Customer Service at 1-800-777-777 in order to arrange for a refund/replacement.

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