Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fast Days

Today is the shortest Fast Day on the Jewish calendar - the 10th of Tevet. But even though it's a relatively short fast, for some reason everyone in my family has made a habit of getting up in the early morning hours before fasting in order to eat and drink something.

I filled up on coffee (the most important thing!), water, and a bit of food. Thankfully this time my boys did NOT fill up on pizza at that hour, so we didn't have to all get nauseated by the smell at that time of the day - that used to be their "minhag". (I convinced them to drop it after they complained of stomach upset during the day!)

Getting up early for coffee makes my day easier, since I really never think of going decaf before the fast, and I'm not convinced the strategy really works well for me anyway!

So now, it's time to figure out our break-the fast menu. I am not planning to go out today at all, so we'll make do with whatever ingredients we have on hand. 

I'm strongly leaning towards a soup - maybe this one - (it's SO cold today!), some fresh bread, cheeses, and spreads. And fruit, of course. (The kids are asking for pizza or lasagna though, so I guess I'll have to spend some time considering their request...)

What do you do for breaking the fast?

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