Monday, November 21, 2016

"Whole Wheat" Bread info

When you go to the store and buy a loaf of bread, you might be looking for a healthy option. Many people look for the code words "Whole Wheat" or "Whole Grain" on the package.

So.. what exactly is in that loaf of whole wheat bread?

Did you know that your loaf can be labeled whole grain as long as 80% of the flour in it is whole grain? (meaning, up to 20% of the flour used in baking the bread can be something other than whole wheat!)

Okay, so now we know that whole wheat bread is 80% whole wheat bread.

IF your bread has the "Efshari-Bari" label on it, the following also apply:

  • maximum sodium content is 400mg per 100g of bread
  • maximum caloric value is 250 calories per 100g of bread.

There are no other actual regulations about what goes into it, so you'll want to check the ingredients - some breads contain few ingredients (simpler food) and others contain a whole list of about 20 items (often additives, preservatives, stabilizers, and sugars). Some breads are made with liquid oils, and others are made with partially hydrogenated oils.

In other words - even when the bread says it's whole wheat, you should probably read the fine print to know what you are getting.

I know it's easier to buy bread than to make it, but if you are looking for a great sandwich bread recipe, be sure to check out my whole grain sandwich bread!


  1. can you list pictures of the "good" breads for those of us that don't read hebrew and lots of packages don't have English? Thankyou

  2. Yes I like the bread in israel but can you also include the English on it so we know how to read it also then we can buy it? Todaraba

  3. Hi, this is a really old post. What is it that you would like to know? Everything I wrote is in English


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