Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More Label "Decoding"

Have you ever seen a microscope symbol on a package of lettuce, potatoes, or other produce?

Wondering what it might mean?

Well - let me reassure you that it does NOT mean that the lettuce you just ate was grown in a lab. Nor does it mean it is GMO or anything along those lines.

The symbol belongs to a company called Lab-Path.

Lab-Path audits and certifies growers to be sure they are not using excessive amounts of pesticides, are free of bacterial contamination, heavy metals, and other dangerous substances.

Produce with the Lab-Path symbol on it is therefore assumed to be safer than other, non-certified produce. Lab-Path uses European safety standards in their certification process.

Lately, I have noticed a lot of potatoes, and lettuce in various stores with the Lab-Path symbol. Since both of these foods are often found to have high pesticide residue, I'm glad to buy the certified ones that assure me that legal pesticide residue levels haven't been exceeded. And they don't seem to be any pricier than non-certified ones, either!

(For more information about pesticides in Israeli produce, please see the article I wrote about it. Unfortunately, up-to-date information is hard to find.)

In addition, they offer an organic certification for those looking for certified organic produce.

This is what it looks like:
Hope this helps you make good consumer choices!
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