Thursday, November 3, 2016

Think the price went down? Think again...

Consumers beware!

Unilever, a major player in the Israeli food marketplace, has been lowering prices per package of certain food items...

Unilever owns many brands: Telma, Strauss, Beigel Beigel, Hellmann's, Blue-Band, Knorr, Lipton, Axe, Vaseline, Dove, Pinuk, Roxana, and many more.

They SEEM to be lowering prices.

But really, they are raising them, by changing the weight of the package and lowering the price a bit. But overall, per gram/kilogram, the price has INCREASED.

Show Unilever you are not willing to put up with their price gouging and stop buying their products! I highly recommend home-cooking and store labels as a good alternative. I will be trying harder NOT to buy Unilever products. Will you join me?


  1. Hi, can you give some examples please? Thanks, Sue.
    PS really appreciate your blog. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sue!
      Here are some examples: "DeliPecan" cereal - boxes used to be 450g but are now 400g (and prices are not 11% lower by any stretch of the imagination). Certain "junk" like Krembo used to be sold in boxes of 40 but are now boxes of 32, and the price is the same. "Click" chocolates used to be 80g per package, but have been incrementally lowered to their current package size of 65g. These are pretty junky examples, but they were the ones specifically pointed out in the Globes article. I'm sure there are others as well.

  2. Manya asked me to post this comment:

    We've been looking for the Tivol 5% fat shnitzel that hasn't been around for a few months. I tried to get them on the phone but couldn't. So we went shopping and lo and behold there was a new package of 99 cal. shnitzel available with an exorbitant price tag. And when I looked at the weight of each piece, it was ridiculously low - can't remember what but I do remember telling my husband that we would have to eat 2 of them at a meal and finish the package that way quickly - NOT WORTH IT. So this week, I hope bli neder to get them on the phone and tell them why we shall not be buying their new product.
    Their is also a new cracker, CRISPY baked rectangles, from Osem - we had a credit from them to try these new crackers with sesame and poppy seeds on them. Very good. The only problem is that the package comes in 150 grams for a price of 12.50NIS each. NOT WORTH IT! I can do without. And I hope others will also realize that.
    Another problem with Osem Chatifei Cracker Sumsum is that there isn't enough sesame seeds on them. But there sure is alot of oil in them. YOU CAN TASTE THE OIL AND THEN FIND IT ON YOUR FINGERS. Good that we had a zikui for them and didn't have to buy them. And now I know to also keep away from in the future!
    Thanks for a great blog.


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