Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reusable Shopping Bags - You're Going to Need Them!

Did you hear that the plastic bag law finally passed in the Knesset? Sometime next year there will be a mandatory fee of 10 agurot for each plastic shopping bag.

SO I think it's time to stock up on a few reusable bag options. They are definitely the better option for our planet. We all know that the initial outlay for enough bags to do a family shopping may feel like a lot of money. Some people will be making their own bags, but if that's not for you, I wanted to help you source some inexpensive bags that will work for your shopping!

Here are some 5-star rated bags from there that will help you deal with the new law:

5- pack of Reusable Totes (your choice of 3 patterns) (a bit more than $1 per tote)

Foldable Shopping Bags - pack of 6 (less than $1 per bag)

Insulated Large Capacity Bags that clip onto your shopping cart (2-pack) 

Canvas Bags - 2 pack

I'll be sharing other sources of inexpensive shopping bags over the next few weeks, as well as lots of other deals! Be sure to follow me on Facebook so you don't miss out!

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