Monday, July 6, 2015

Expected Price Drop (Milk Products)

New milk prices will be bringing down the price of dairy products in this country in the very near future. Not only will the prices of price controlled dairy be lowered, but other dairy products are also expected to become less expensive. Considering Israelis' love affair with dairy products, this will mean savings in many pockets.

Here are some of the expected changes, which are supposed to go into effect on Wed, July 8, 2015:

Product             Quantity          Current Price           New Price
3% milk, bag         1L                       5.30                       5.15
1% milk, bag         1L                       4.95                       4.80
3% milk, carton    1L                       6.30                       5.95
1% milk, carton    1L                       5.90                       5.60
Eshel                    200ml                1.65                       1.60
Gil                       200ml                 1.52                       1.45
Sour Cream          200ml                 2.44                       2.30
Cream (sweet)     250ml                 6.60                       6.25
Butter (unsalted) 100g                    4.13                       3.95
Emek Cheese,        1kg                   45.45                     43.30
Gilboa Cheese       1kg                   43.14                     41.15
White Cheese        250g                  5.11                       4.85
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To see all the products subject to government price controls, click here.

Happy savings, everyone!

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  1. I'll dance in the supermarket aisle when I see they finally allow us to buy a large container of cottage fricking cheese. So sick of the government subsidized dairy monopolies. Reminds me of the movie "Goodbye, Lenin".


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