Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lower Rx Prices Coming Soon!

Misrad HaBriut announced that prescriptions that cost more than 16.00 shekels will benefit from the recent changes in the Euro-Shekel exchange rate.

In short, the cost of prescription medications is regulated by the Ministry of Health, and prices will be reduced by 5.37% on June 15, 2015. - changed from June 1 to allow time to update databases.

Hope this change will help some of you out there. If you have a script due for a refill and can wait until June 15th to fill it, doing so could save you some money. Obviously, I am not advocating skipping doses. I just know a lot of people refill scripts early to be sure they don't run out. This may be the month to wait, however.

Best of health to all of you!

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