Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Menu

I am having a hard time transitioning to summer menus. It's hot and I have little energy in the late afternoon for cooking. SOOO... if you have ideas for healthy suppers that 1)my husband and kids will eat 2)preferably don't have too many ingredients I'm unable to eat (right now that includes nuts, dairy, and wheat), 3) can be eaten cold, and 4) are not expensive and are preferably vegetarian, PLEASE let me know!

In the meantime here's my plan for the week:

Sunday night: rice, roasted kishuim, roasted corn, baked beans,  watermelon

Monday night: Garlic bread, lasagna, salad (I'll probably have polenta with tomato sauce and nutritional yeast) - that's a birthday dinner!

Tuesday night: Scrambled eggs, home-fries, cut vegetables

Wednesday night: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (more polenta for me), make-your-own salad

Thursday night: No idea yet!

Lunches will be random whatever shmorgasbord of things I can put together without too much thought...

How are you handling this summer heat?

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  1. 1) Brown rice and black or kidney beans with chopped caramelized onions (you can out a pot of each on the fire and ignore them safely for at least half an hour if you put in sufficient water. Mix and add spices to taste (I use onion powder, garlic, chili powder and ground black pepper). The only "potchke" over the burner would be frying the onions, and that's optional.
    2) Shakshuka - do you need a recipe?
    3) "Orange" soup - pumpkin/butternut squash/carrots, 1-2 med. kishium or potatoes, 1 lg. onion - cut up, add water and spices (I prefer a some instant soup powder and ground black pepper, but that's optional), bring to a boil, lower the flame, ignore on the fire while covered for ~1 hr or until veggies are soft. Blend with regular or stick blender. Add chopped coriander or parsley, you can also add soymilk or soy/rice cream. Can be served cold and made in large batches ahead, and served with pumpernickel bread or croutons.
    Hope this helps!


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