Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shabbat Menu Planning

Now that those long Fridays are here, I no longer have to feel like a crazy person for the whole day. We can do our usual morning things and then in the afternoon, do all the Shabbat prep! Definitely makes things easier!

Just want to make it clean though, I usually do not start cooking before 3 pm. Sometimes it's even later. I think tomorrow will be one of those later days, since I already made the chicken...

Here's the menu (it's just us this week)

Fresh whole wheat and oat bran challot
Vegetable soup
Oven-fried chicken
Pan-fried tofu (for the vegetarian)
Roasted Peppers (got a bunch from the sug bet rack)
Spicy Roast Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Beets (got a bunch from the sug bet rack)
Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Salad (lettuce, honey-cinnamon oranges, sunflower seeds)
Black Bean Cholent
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seudah Shlishit:
Challah rolls
Spreads - peanut butter, jelly, chumus
cut vegetables (we have lots of carrots and sweet peppers)
cottage cheese, yogurt
melon (from the sug bet rack)

That ought to do it! (Notice how all of my vegetable side dishes can go in the oven at the same time?)

What's on your Shabbat Menu?

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  1. I think I will start menu planning again (new month new start and all that). You've inspired me.


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