Wednesday, April 8, 2015

End of Pesach Menu Planning

We have a rare "2-day chag" coming up here in Israel! I know I've really gotten used to one day of chag at a time, but I'm sure we can muster up our strength for the 2 days looming ahead of us.

The last day isn't actually Pesach anymore, but we obviously will still be eating Pesach food. We're not even bothering to go out of our way to eat kitniyot, even though we could. I am sure that Sunday we'll find plenty of chametz and kitniyot to lead us back into the more complicated menus of the rest of the year, so we'll just stick with our usual Pesach fare.

Here's the plan:

Meat Meals:

Vegetable soup with lots of garlic and ginger and kneidlach
Honey-garlic chicken
Potato Kugel
Apple Crisp
Vegetable Kugel
Quinoa with stir fried vegetables
Make your own salad

Dairy Meals:

Fish Fillets cooked in lemon and herbs
Quinoa "Pie" - quinoa topped with vegetable-tomato sauce and goat feta cheese, baked
Broccoli-Cheese Pie/Broccoli with pine nuts for those who don't eat cow's milk
Garlic-Roasted Potatoes
Roasted Zucchini and Peppers
Make your own salad

For dessert, we have brownies and mandel bread
Also planning to make a batch of rolls for noshing. 
We have plenty of fresh fruit on hand, as well as chocolate, which means we'll be FINE.

What's cooking in your Pesach Kitchen? 


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