Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pesach Wrap Up

How'd you do with Pesach this year?

It was interesting in my household, as I've been sick for over 3 weeks now, so all the preparations and the chag itself were hampered somewhat by my state of health. I'm afraid to say that I think I may have to figure out how to anticipate this type of spring from now on - much of it seemed to be allergy and asthma related, and that's going to happen every spring, unless I can find the miracle cure I've been waiting for my whole life.

So here's what happened - we did really well with our shopping choices. We DID buy more chocolate than we needed, but we did really well with most of the staples, and did not run out, nor were we very overstocked.

I'm so glad we were able to streamline our purchases like this! Whatever is left is stuff we'll just use up in the next few weeks, or some things I purposely stocked up on because we shopped at Osher Ad, so it wasn't a Pesach-specific purchase.

We kept the cooking simple - more so because I've been sick. No one starved or even kvetched too much (except we lacked easy snacks - the kids wanted more potato chips and fewer fruits, but that doesn't mean we'll let their requests dictate our purchases next year either!). We did not eat out at all, and we only had matzah pizza once (though the kids would have been happy with that more, we did not buy a ton of matzah nor a ton of cheese).

We ate a lot of soup. I think that was a good, easy way to help us get thru the chag while the main chef was sick. I'll be keeping that trick in my bag for next year, even if I'm healthy!

I hope you all managed an easy turnover back to Chametz, and most of all, I hope this Pesach we have all come a step closer to freedom and redemption.

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