Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mislabeled items! Check your pantry!

Mislabeled as Kosher for Pesach: 

Canned mushrooms marketed by "Opal S.Y. International" under the labels "Mega", "Shufersal" and "Tomer". These mushrooms did not have Pesach kashrut supervision at production time, and are not kosher for Pesach. Please return to the store where purchased.

Some bottles of "Trump" brand Vodka have a clear sticker affixed indicating they are kosher for Pesach(2013). They are only Kosher for Pesach if they have the original holographic sticker.

"Hamerkaz" brand canned goods - some cans of olives, hot peppers, etc have unauthorized kosher for Pesach stickers attached. They are ONLY kosher for pesach if they have the letters ZM stamped next to the production date. If you have cans that are mislabeled, call the customer service number on the package.

"Yerushalmi" brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil is labeled kosher under the supervision of the national Rabbanut and the Chug Chatam Sofer of Bnei Brak, but the Rabbanut states the production facility is not under supervision. The public is warned not to purchased this item, and requests that if you see this product being sold, you call the Rabbanut( 02-5313187, Fax. 02-5313169) with the location.

The information in this post was obtained from the Rabbanut Kashrut division

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