Thursday, November 6, 2014

Goggles4U ships to Israel for $9.95

Buying glasses online has become a really popular option here in Israel. For many, this offers the only way to buy affordable prescription glasses. I know that once I was quoted a price of 2000 shekels for my glasses, and that scared me off from buying new glasses for at least a year longer than I should have waited!

I know, that sounds crazy. And it probably wasn't my best decision, but I was dealing with multiple issues and my eye doctor actually recommended waiting a little while if I could manage. So I waited as long as I could.

In the end I bought new glasses for about 400 shekels a few months ago here in Israel, which is very good for thin lenses for high prescriptions, with astygmatism correction and anti-reflective coatings...

$8.99 Discount EyeglassesBut I know that I may have gotten a better deal had I shopped online, although I must admit, shopping online for high index lenses with all the requirements I have was actually not so cheap when I checked at some point.

However, there may be another place for me to check next time! I've just discovered another website that ships glasses to Israel - Goggles4U offers $8.99 Glasses w/ Coated Lenses, and international shipping starts at $9.95

So, if you are buying glasses online, be sure to check out Goggles4!

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