Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Electrical Appliance Cost Calculator

This calculator was updated to reflect the current rate (effective January 15, 2018)


After writing that blog post about appliances and how much electricity you can expect to be using when you run them (see the Electric Bills post), I decided to make it even easier for you to determine how much your electrical appliances are costing you when you use them , and I am SO excited to reveal the first Web App I've ever hosted on this blog!

I'm sure you'll find it really easy to use, and I really hope it helps you keep your electric bills in check!

Simply choose which appliance you want to calculate, choose how long you'll be running it, and then the app (below) will tell you how much this particular appliance is costing you to run! This app is specifically designed using the IEC's current tarriffs, including VAT (this is for people who pay the same rate 24 hrs/day, who have a residential contract with the IEC). If the IEC rates change, we will update this app! (NOTE: On January 15, 2018, the IEC lowered electricity rates. Current cost of electricity is approx 54 ag per kWh including VAT.)

So bookmark this page, and be sure to share it with anyone in Israel who will find this information useful!

Please let me know what you think!

Electrical Appliance Cost Calculator:

Choose an appliance and note its "usage unit" in parantheses after it. Choose how many units you would be using it for (for example, a fridge has day for its usage unit, a dryer has 1 load for its usage unit, and a hair dryer has 10 minutes for its usage unit), then click "calculate my cost" to find out how much that appliance costs you to run for the time you plan to run it!
If your appliance doesn't appear on this list, you can find its kilowatt rating on it somewhere. Multiply kw/H by number of hours used by the current price for a kilowatt of electricity (0.55nis) to find out how much it costs you to run it!

Select an appliance:
Number of usage units:

Range: 0.00 ₪ — 0.00(depends on your model)

About the Web App Developer:
I'm Ester's son and resident tech guy.
If you need some tech help, you can email me at scimonster1 (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm happy to work at reasonable prices.
Also, i answer questions on StackOverflow, the #1 programming Q&A site:
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  1. why are there two figures, eg, toaster over 8 ag and 29 ag?

    1. Because there are variations among appliances. Even in the toaster oven category, for example, you'll have smaller ones and larger ones, with different energy usages. So this calculator shows you the range! Hope that helps! (If you want to know exactly how much YOUR particular appliance uses, you'd need to have its precise energy rating, but for me it's good enough to have a rough estimate!)

  2. This is a great app, and your son is very talented!

    Are the prices the app puts out going to change with the IEC's price for a kilowatt hour?

    1. Thanks. :)

      It doesn't update automatically, but when the price changes, i'll manually update the app.

  3. I'm trying to figure out how much it would cost to run a dryer, including gas... Is there a way to calculate how much gas it uses?

    1. the company you bought the gas dryer from should be able to give you information about how much gas it uses.

    2. Haven't bought one yet- we've been living without one for a few years but feel like the time has come that we might need one...
      Thanks for this app, it's great!

    3. People say gas dryers are good BUT keep in mind that gas is expensive. And the dryers are not cheap also. Most people here have electric dryers. Hope you find the right solution for your family!

  4. If a dryer is 8 KG, what is best way to calculate?

    1. the most accurate way is to find the kw/h rating of your particular machine. Once you know that, estimate how long it takes to dry a load (usually 30-60 min) and calculate how many kw will be used per load. multiply that by 53 ag to get the cost per load. I would guess it's close to double the standard size smaller machine the IEC had on their chart.

  5. Replies
    1. Do you have javascript disabled?
      The app uses javascript.
      Let me know if that isn't the problem, please!
      (It worked for me just now)

  6. Replies
    1. Unfortunately, a/c units are impossible to generalize about. There are so many different kinds and sizes. There are those that are A+ energy rated, and those that are G rated. There are small ones (1hp) and large ones (4hp) and everything in between.
      Sorry I can't help with that particular issue. If you know the name and model # of your A/C you can look up its energy information. It should tell you how many kwH it uses per hour in the information the company provides.

  7. Hi great app idea.
    But I am confused. I want to estimate the electrical cost per load for my washing machine. What does the number of usage units refer to.

    1. The usage unit is listed in parenthesis after the name of each appliance. For a washing machine, the usage unit is 1 load (4-5 kg - small - machine). Hope that helps!


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